Race Results 2014


Eastern Canadian Telemark Cup Results.

Caledon Sprint Classic Results.

Mansfield Giant Slalom Results.

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Older Results


Advanced Junior Female
Jennfier Goldhar 40 points

Advanced Junior Male
Spencer Shaw 20 points

Novice Master Female
Courtney Yourkin 20 points

Novice Adult Male
Peter Berry 20 points

Novice Master Male
Paul Battle 20 points
Ian Little 20 points
Robert Choquette 20 points

Advanced Master Female
Holly Blefgen 58 points

Advanced Master Male
Don Shaw 50 points

Alpine GS Race Results, March 13th, 2011,

Junior Female
1st Jennifer Goldhar 1:05.98

Junior Male
1st Spencer Shaw 49.96

Advanced Female-Adult
1st Eva Kosiba 1:04.17

Advanced Male-Adult
1st Scott Mclorie 42.79
2nd James Rohrer 58.44
3rd Tony Fitzsimons 1:05.11

Advanced Female-Masters
1st Holly Blefgen 55.83
2nd Nancy Cohen 1:09.17

Novice Male-Masters
1st Robert Choquette 1:02.66

Advanced Male-Masters
1st Stuart Bassin 45.58
2nd Mark Kinoshita 47.30
3rd Don Shaw 49.73

Full Race Results

Mansfield GS Race Results, February 12th, 2011
Junior Female
1st Jennifer Goldhar 49.86

Advanced Female-Adult
1st Eva Kosiba 44.24

Advanced Female-Masters
1st Holly Belgen 39.22
2nd Nancy Cohen 48.6

Novice Male-Adult
1st Ian Little 36.77
2nd Will Teron 41.03

Advanced Male-Adult
1st Tony Fitzsimmons 45.43

Advanced Male-Masters
1st Mark Kinoshita 35.1
2nd Robert Henderson 36.92
3rd Keith Woods 36.93

Full Race Results

Caledon GS Race Results, January 15th, 2011
Junior Female
1st Annecy Hillmuth 25.77

Novice Female-Masters
1st Courtney Yourkin 40.22
2nd Denisha Naidoo 51.60
3rd Katherine Smalley 65.50

Advanced Female-Masters
1st Kate Sharpe 27.40
2nd Holly Blefgen 33.68
3rd Nancy Cohen 40.43

Novice Male-Adult
1st Peter Berry 31.27
2nd Kieren Tinning 40.19

Adult Male-Advanced
1st Tony Fitzsimons 33.58

Masters Male-Novice
1st Paul Battle 31.87
2nd Kevin Cox 34.04

Masters Male-Advanced
1st Don Shaw 27.80
2nd Keith Woods 28.71
3rd Glenn Lee 31.20

Ontario Telemark Championships – March 15th, 2009 – Devil’s Glen
A blistering combined time was set by Scott McLorie with no penalties to win the Men’s Division and Pam Sittler won the Women’s Overall with style and one penalty point. The Championship drew over 40 racers whom aptly demonstrated the technique and mastery of the sport. Special thanks to our sponsors: Sierra Designs, Skis Rossignol Canada, Adventure Guide, Little Ed’s Ski and Bike Shop, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Sojourn, White Squall and Ski Telemark.
Full pdf results now available.
Photos in the Ski Telemark Gallery
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Ski Telemark – 25th Anniversary Race
Full Race Results

JR 16 & Under – Men, Novice
1st Thomas Hlavenka – 47.04 NP

JR 16 & Under – Women, Novice
1st Jenny Goldhar – 60.36 8P

JR 16 & Under – Men, Advance
1st David Kahn – 38.7 NP

61 Plus – Women, Novice
1st Linda Gordon – 74.79 1P

61 Plus – Men, Advance
1st Wolfgang Bleckert – 45.11 NP
2nd Roon Kasperavicius – 50.07 NP
3rd Manfred Lamers – 50.47 1P

Masters 41-60 – Women, Novice
1st Julie Rossall – 61.67 4P
2nd Cecilia Thng – 77.51 7P

Masters 41-60 – Women, Advance
1st Nancy Cohen – 58.78 NP

Masters 41-60 – Men, Novice
1st Keith Woods – 46.65 NP
2nd Alex Waters – 49.02 1P
3rd Peter Burch – 49.14 4P

Masters 41-60 – Men, Advance
1st Jody Miller – 39.05 NP
2nd Mark Kinoshita – 40.56 NP
3rd Rob Henderson – 40.98 NP

Adult 17-40 – Women, Novice
1st Eva Kosiba – 54.94 1P
2nd Liana Giovando – 55.81 NP
3rd Robyn Goldhar – 69.90 2P

Adult 17 – 40 – Men, Novice
1st Jon Pratt – 53.10 NP

Adult 17-40 – Men, Advance
1st Marcel Pruski – 40.12 1P
2nd John Adams – 46.22 NP
3rd Eric Peysar – 46.62 NP

OVERALL CHAMPIONS – Based on Single Best Time
1st Eva Kosiba
2nd Liana Giovando
3rd Nancy Cohen

1st David Kahn
2nd Jody Miller
3rd Marcel Pruski