Welcome to the 2014-2015 Season
information pills 2015.
An important notice below;

“Be it resolved the Telemark ski Ontario cancel the Eastern Canadian Telemark Cup
for the year 2015. The Secretary is authorized to advise all the necessary
parties of the cancellation due to the lack of advance participation. Further, generic the
Secretary will advise all parties that this is a one year hiatus and that TSO will
try to hold the event in 2016.”

January 15th, generic 2015.
Keith Woods at the helm, again.
Further to our email of January 4th, 2015, please note that the events outside of Ontario mentioned in that email (and possibly future emails) are NOT Telemark Ski Ontario events, are not sanctioned nor endorsed by TSO. We are simply providing information to telemark skiers who may not use the TSO Facebook User Group Page where many of these gatherings get organized by members. If you are interested in meeting up with other Telemark skiers, we encourage you to use the TSO facebook user group page.
your TSO Directors
Free The Heel, Ski For Real!

This year TSO is changing its focus somewhat, to try to develop our future by offering its Youth Initiative to a couple of ski clubs. TSO identified a generous benefactor who invested monetarily, which allowed us to purchase equipment from three Ski industry partners; G3, Volkl, and Scarpa. KUU wax has also chosen to partner with us so that we can maintain our fleet of 15+ pairs of skis and 20+ pairs of boots.
With news of Telemark being put forward for
inclusion in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, as well as the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, TSO is very anxious to get this program operating, so we can begin developing future Olympic hopefuls. We will continue to hold races, although limited in number this year, so we may build our base of youth free-heelers. We are planning to hold races on February 1st, 2015 and the Eastern Canadian Telemark Cup on the weekend of Feb. 28-Mar. 1, 2015 at Calabogie Peaks Resort. More information will be posted, stay tuned!

The 2014-2015 membership forms are online
You can download it, fill it out, and e-transfer the $20.00 membership fee to Telemarkskiontario@yahoo.ca. Alternatively you could scan the completed membership form and email it to us. The fee is $15.00 for Juniors.

Our address to forward your membership to, is:
Telemark Ski Ontario
c/o Keith Woods
12 Chalk Court
Port Hope, ON
L1A 4G4

TSO Membership Form

If you wish to watch World Cup Telemark Ski racing, Saturday January 20th, check the link below.